Complete (cum) coverage


After you’ve read the name of this blog site you better already have a clear idea of what we’re all about here; getting hot dirty sluts covered with cum! Sure you might have seen chicks take a shot or get spewed in the face, but those are typical cumshots! On this site however, we make sure that our guys’ thick warm juices cover a lot of facial area. I guess you can say that we’d do everything we can to give you a “complete coverage” of the bitches’ face.

I hope that the picture on the right side is enough to make a believer out of you when we say that we’d do everything to cover a pretty chick’s face with our white goo. We try to deliver you one of the nastiest and messiest facials there is by making sure our guys are all heavily loaded before each session. So by the time the gran finale starts, you’re in for a cum covered treat! Anyway, if you liked this one then prepare yourself for more coming soon! So ’till my next post, enjoy!

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